Our Service offering:

We are an Australian based reseller of Topaz Systems electronic signature pads. We can also provide custom development and eSignature solutions utalizing the Topaz product line.

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Details of Services Offered:

System Selection: Software / Hardware selection for a specific purpose, location or application inclusive of requirements evaluation and IT project management.

System Support: Contracted software support for all standard operating systems (Microsoft and Linux distributions), both server and workstation configurations.

Software license audit: We can provide audit services across all organisational workstations/ servers and laptops to ensure software licensing requirements are adhered to across and enterprise.

Software Development/Modification: Development of standalone PC / Networked software applications for specific purposes, i.e.: to meet an unsatisfied need within an organisation’s business flow.

Website design / application development: Design of new websites, inclusive of Web applications to manage online aspects of an organisation business with or without database interaction.

Internet hosting: We can provide on request premium web site hosting / high capacity email or server collocation either in Australia or in one of the major data centres in the United States or United Kingdom depending on your requirements.

Service Provision mechanism:

In the cases where sub contractors are required the client will have the right to pre-approve the selected sub contractor and their work will be closely supervised and ultimately guaranteed by us.

Our Rates (in Australian Dollars):
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1) One-off Software Support / Installation: $55.00 + GST per ½ hour or part thereof.

2) Contracted Software Support: Negotiated monthly or annual retainer + $45.00+GST / ½ hour or part thereof.

3) Software Development (Small Projects 5-10 days): $800+GST/man-day (8 hours).

4) Software Development (Medium Projects 10-30 days): $750+GST/man-day (8 hours).

5) Software Development (Large Projects 10-30 days): Fixed price contract or negotiable hourly rate.

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